Meal Planning 1/9/2012

Last week’s meal plan was a success!  It sure made the week planning easier.  I didn’t have to think about dinner since I knew exactly what I was going to make.   Now to repeat it again this week.  When we made something with enough leftovers we would have for lunch or dinner the  next day.

Monday: Lunch Soup  Dinner: Minestrone Soup with leftover meat from Taco night

Tuesday:  Lunch PB&J Dinner: Tacos again since we have all of the ingredients.  Soft taco shells are only $.99 at Aldi.

Wednesday:  Lunch Hotdogs Dinner:  Hotdogs with Chili

Thursday: Lunch Pasta Os (from Aldi $.64 a can)  and Black Beans (from Aldi $.64 a can)  Super yummy! Dinner: Frozen Pizza from Aldi

Friday: Lunch Fastfood? DinnerIndian Butter chicken Crockpot from Stephanie O’Dea’s cookbook.  I need to purchase the garam masala.  Thanks to Stephanie’s pictures of her ingredients I now know what to look for.

Saturday:  Lunch Free for all – leftovers  Dinner: Spaghetti Squash

Sunday: Lunch Free for all  Dinner: Free for all

Monday:  Holiday Lunch Takeout Dinner ?