Meal Planning 3/5/12


This is week 10 on creating a meal plan for the week.   This was a busy weekend!  Doodle and I went to Costco together and had a great time getting food for the month.  Then my hubby and I went to Big Lots (20% the whole purchase) and Target (for some great deals).   This week is an exacting week!  My boys are turning 1 this week!   We are having a fun family Birthday party this weekend!

Monday: Breakfast:  Oatmeal and Poptart and Yogurt Lunch Pasta leftovers Dinner:Chicken Club Sandwich (might make it grilled instead) Didn’t make this last week so we are going to do tonight.  Can’t wait!

Tuesday:Breakfast Cereal and fruit Lunch PB&J and Yogurt   Dinner: Left overs and Salad

Wednesday:  Breakfast Oatmeal Lunch Soup Dinner:  Pizza (might be takeout)   We might make it a celebration.  We are closing on our mortgage refinance.

Thursday: Breakfast Cereal and fruit Lunch Leftovers Dinner: Mac & cheese and Peas

Friday: Breakfast Cereal Lunch Fastfood treat  Dinner: Chinese Noodle dish with veggies   and My daughter and I plan on making the birthday cake!

Saturday: Breakfast Eggs Lunch Birthday Party Potluck  Dinner: leftovers

Sunday: Breakfast Cereal Lunch  leftovers  Dinner: Spinach Pie

What’s for dinner at your house tonight? 

Thanks to for the awesome meal plan chart.  Check it out HERE.   Thanks to for the  encouragement.