Meal Planning 4/16/12

This is week 16 on creating a meal plan for the week.   This is going to a fun week!  Today we got a treat of Subway.  Working on creating some easy cheap meals.

Monday: Breakfast: Cereal and yogurt Lunch Subway Dinner: Subway leftovers

Tuesday:Breakfast Oatmeal and yogurt Lunch PB&J and fruit   Dinner: Tuna and salad

Wednesday:  Breakfast Cereal Lunch PB&J  Dinner: Tenderloin with Salad

Thursday: Breakfast Muffins  Never made these last week just did cereal.  Will make these this week! Lunch Hot dogs Dinner: Wontons and veggie

Friday: Breakfast  Muffins Lunch Fastfood treat  Dinner: Dinner with parents

Saturday: Breakfast Eggs Lunch  leftovers Dinner: Mac & Cheese and peas

Sunday: Breakfast Eggs Lunch Simple lunch Dinner: Pizza

What’s for dinner at your house tonight? 

Thanks to for the awesome meal plan chart.  Check it out HERE.   Thanks to for the  encouragement.

2 thoughts on “Meal Planning 4/16/12

  • It is funny already Wednesday and I switched my meal plan around. Even thought we switch a meal plan around it really does work for us. We have some idea of what to make for dinner, lunch and breakfast. If we decide to have the meal earlier or later in the week it is no big deal.

    Love it!

    What’s for dinner at your house?

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