Meal Planning 6/25/12

This is week 23 on creating a meal plan for the week.   I missed about a month of doing it due to a vacation and getting back into the swing of things.  It sure is hard to get back to meal planning but I’m looking forward to it because it sure has made life a lot easier.

Monday: Breakfast:Cereal Lunch Yogurt, Dip and Crackers Dinner Potato Baked Fries and Baked Potato Skins

Tuesday:Breakfast Muffins Lunch PB&J and fruit or (Kids eat free at IKEA!) Dinner: Pasta

Wednesday: Breakfast Cereal and fruit Lunch Soup and Pasta Dinner: Cheese Bean Enchiladas

Thursday: Breakfast Muffins Lunch Tuna Lorenza Dinner: Mac n Cheese with peas

Friday: Breakfast Cereal Lunch Fastfood treat Dinner: Homemade Pizza

What’s for dinner at your house tonight?

Thanks to for the awesome meal plan chart. Check it out HERE. Thanks to for the encouragement.