Meal Planning

Monday: Lunch:  Left over Slow Cooker Chicken Parmesan  Dinner: Baked Teriyaki Chicken DessertBlack Bean Brownies- These are wonderful!

I cooked black beans in the crockpot unlike these instructions I just rinsed them and put them in the slow cooker added 2 quarts of water and 4 hours on high and they turned out great!

Tuesday: Lunch:  Leftover Chicken  Dinner: Pickup Subs on our way home.  If not possible then soup and bread at home.

Wednesday: Since we might be at home due to the snow.  Lunch:   Dinner: Breakfast dinner

Thursday: LunchDinner: Tysons chicken strips

Friday: LunchDinner: Brocolli Cheese Soup

Saturday:  Lunch Dinner Super Bean Burritos Use some of the black beans that I made on Monday.  Freeze the rest.

Sunday: Lunch Dinner Not sure yet on the plans