My Rite Aid July Rebates! Woohoo!


I just want to take a moment to document my July Rebates and costs for Rite Aid.

After buying the diaper deal (4 packs of Megas), buying some things we needed and buying some of the freebies (Stayfree, Feverall, and Rolaids), I’ll get most of it back.  I’m not going to list every item I purchased but the amounts go like this.

OOP=$82.10 (used 2 $5 GC NOT include in calculations, I treated them as cash.)

I’ll get 2 -$25 GCs and $19.00 Rebate check.

Total Cost = $13.10  + Free pack of Huggies value at $11.49

I did make a mistake on the Stayfree and had to return a couple and buy some later.  I also made a couple trips since the $5/$25 is per customer.  It all worked out!

NOTE: I noticed one of the stores didn’t include tax on the diapers while another store did. Same exact transaction.  So, in essense I saved $1.50 in tax.  I’m definately going back to that store that didn’t charge me tax. Big Smile!

The big advantage to all of this spending is I didn’t spend as much as I would have at Walmart or Sam’s Club for diapers.  In fact, I would have easily spent $35 OOP for a large pack of diapers at Sam’s Club and here I not only bought more diapers but got them and so much more for only $13.10 including tax!

This is what couponing is all about!  Thanks Rite Aid!  Keep Saving!