“Remember there will be another deal tomorrow.”

I want to welcome my new and old readers to my new blog – RedberryDeals.com. I want to share with you several tips I’ve learned about deal buying.

When I started to coupon shop I really got into it and I was shocked and so excited at how much I was saving. Then shortly I got the “buzz” from getting the great deals. I also got the “down” feeling when I missed out. Here are my tips:

Shoppers Trip 11/23/2008

1. Remember there will be another deal tomorrow! – There will always be another deal or even better deal tomorrow. It’s a fact of life. Sometimes I can’t get to the store on time. Sometimes the store is out of the products. The coupon expires. It happens to the best of us and to remember this saying when it happens.

2. Write down the expiration dates of your ECBS, Catalinas, RRs in your calendar – Most of my friends say to me, “Oh, I forget that I have those ECBs, they expire so quickly.” The way I keep track is to write it down on my daily planner and even my email calendar.

3. Try and plan ahead when to go to the store – Creating a plan with coupons and a plan when to go is the only way it will work out.

4. If the store is out of a product feel free to ask for a raincheck – Most stores allow rain-checks for almost all sale items and it doesn’t hurt to ask for them. In fact, CVS and other stores rain-checks NEVER expire. If the store is out of a product it might become a better deal tomorrow!

What are your tips for those that are starting to coupon?