Rite Aid Shopping Trip 2/22/2009

This evening my husband, baby and I went out shopping.  We used the Big Lots coupon and then stopped at Rite Aid on our way home.  I wanted to use the $5/$20 coupon before it expired.

4 Reeses Whipps King Size On Sale $1.00 each = $4.00

I made 1 mistake and that was I bought the Reeses Whipps King Size rather than the regular size so my profit would have been more.

10 Soy Joy On sale $0.50 = $5.00

These were hard to find.  At first, I only could find 8 of them and lucked out and found another box that had a couple left.  I got whatever flavor they had.  This was a great deal and everyone seemed to notice too!

1 Zilcatin Swabs On Sale = $4.99

1 Fructis Flowing Waves Shampoo On Sale = $2.99

I almost picked up the wrong one.  I first thought it was any type of Fructis shampoo, conditioner, and hair spray and then realized the ad said “Flowing Waves”.  Not sure if the deal will work for the other types.

1 Xtra W Bleach On Sale (includes extra 50%) = $2.88

There were only 2 of these left.  Everyone thought that was a good deal too.

1 Laundry Helpers (Dryer Balls) = $3.00

I saw these thinking this would help with my overage to get $20 but I didn’t catch the King size bars, not a big deal.  These dryer balls are great and at that price it’s not that bad.

SubTotal 22.86

-$5/20 coupon expired 2/22/2009

-$1/2 Reeses Whipps

-$1/2 Reeses Whipps

-$1 Fructis Shampoo

-$3/10 Soy Joy

Total $11.86 + Tax 0.77 = $12.63 OOP  Used my American Express gift card that I bought back in December at CVS

Will get back in Rite Aid Rebate:

$5.00 Soy Joy

$1.00 Xtra detergent

$2.99 Fructis Shampoo

$4.99 Zilactin Swabs

Total Rebate: $13.98 – $12.63 = Profit $1.35!!!

Thanks to IheartRiteAid!