Rite Aid Shopping Trip 3/27/10

Ok, I know this is way over the top.  I went over board but I love mascara.  I really do and to get it for FREE is so exciting.  I’ve bought mascara at CVS recently even though it was $2.  Now, I won’t ever buy any again. I went into a new Rite Aid that I hadn’t been in and the deal worked so good that later after I got home I collected the rest of my B1G1 coupons and I hit my local Rite Aid.

After my second trip, I helped someone else get this deal at the store.

When I was trying to decide how many I wanted a lady walked by me and I immediately asked her if I was in her way, and she was so kind. ” Oh no you’re fine! Wow, makeup is so expensive now a days”, she said as she looked at the prices on the display.

I nodded and mentioned in passing, coupons really do help.  She nodded in agreement, it sure does.

I went back to my cart and picked out the mascaras that I wanted there were so many too choose from it was so exciting! I then found only one Desitin.  I should have gotten a rain check but the Rite Aid coupon would then expire so I didn’t ask, I was nervous about this big purchase of mascara.  Then I picked up the Cadbury eggs as a treat for Easter. The purchase came out to $.12!  I was thrilled.

I immediately turned around and looked for the lady that mentioned the cost of make-up and I told her here are a couple of the B1G1 coupons and get some of the mascara for FREE because the mascara is B1G1 plus a $3 off $15 coupon.

She said, “Wow you’re so sweet, what an angel, I’ll go right now. My sister does this but I always forget my coupons.”

I told her I carry them with me, and pointed to my Couponizer.

I left the store happy with my purchase and glad I passed the savings on.

Then I had some friends over and gave my girlfriend one of mascaras.

Check out this purchase and note I also have soda in the picture, i.e. from my Safeway deal on Friday.  Buy 2 Pepsi 12 oz cans get 3 FREE!  They cost $4.99 each. That makes it $.16 a can!

Transaction 1 – First Trip

1 – Huggies Diapers $8.99 (Used the $3 IP coupon) Will get $1 Rite Aid Rebate

8 – Cover Girl Mascara B1G1 (Used 4 B1G1 Coupons 2/7 PG insert)

Used $3/$15 coupon

Total $4.26  Will get a $1 Rite Aid Rebate

Total coupon savings $41.96

Basically I will have spent $3.26 for diapers.

Transaction 2 – Second Trip

16 – Cover Girl Mascara B1G1 (Used 8 B1G1 Coupons 2/7 PG insert)

4 – Cadbury Eggs on sale $.50

1 – Destin $2.99 (Used $1 Johnson Baby products 3/7 RP insert)

Used $3/$15 coupon

Total $.12

Total coupon savings $75.92