Rite Aid Shopping Trip 9/20 – Profit $13.62!!!


I did it! I was able to do the transactions that I talked about HERE!

Note: I did print out a couple of the $5/$20 Adperks coupons.  It seems that the coupon can be used more than once but it is YMMV (Your Manager May Vary) if your store will allow you to use it more than once.  Which is why I went to a different store.  Some people are registering a different email address and using a different computer to get a second Adperks $5/$20 coupon.  I’ve heard but haven’t confirmed that the coupon bar code is the same.

I went to 2 different stores.  One of the stores I’ve had issues with coupons in the past, however, the cashier knows me now and knows I like good deals.  I always thank all of the cashiers that help me and I make sure this cashier knows I really appreciate it, and mention that I will come back.   Which I do.

Transaction #1

1 Huggies Pure & Natural jumbo $11.00
1 Proantinox $6.99
1 Clean and clear skin care products $4.50
Total: $22.49
– $5/$20 RA q from AdPerks website
– $3/1 Huggies pure & natural any home mailer or printable manufacturer coupon
-$3/1 Proantionx RA video coupon
-$3/1 Clean & Clear RA video values coupon
-$2/1 Clean & Clear printable manufacturer coupon
OOP: $4.49 + tax = $5.27 (use GC!)

I then went to a different Rite Aid near me that I hadn’t used coupons at before so I was concerned that I might have some issues with the coupons.  One of the times I went to this Rite Aid I noticed all of the Free after Rebate products were gone so this Rite Aid seems to be popular for those deals.  I noticed that they had placed the Free after Rebate products at the end of the aisle and ordered about a dozen products or more.  It seems to me this Rite Aid is better about stocking its shelves.  The cashier checked a notice from Rite Aid to confirm that my FREE pack of diapers was not a fraudulent coupon.  Everything worked out well!  This cashier was impressed with my deals too.

Transaction #2
1 Huggies jumbo
1 Huggies jumbo
Total: $22
– $5/$20 RA q from AdPerks website
– $11 free diapers voucher
-$2/1 Huggies Diaper Products – printable manufacturer coupon This coupon might not be available anymore.
– $1/1 Huggies RA q that came with KC gift card
– $2/1 Huggies RA q from AdPerks website
OOP: $2.00 + tax = $3.10 (use GC!)

Get back $10 SCR for 3 Huggies, $5 gift certificate for Gift of Savings, $6.99 SCR for Proantnox
PROFIT TOTAL: $13.62 Moneymaker!


Leave a comment about what deals you got!