Sam’s Club Membership – eValues


On the radio this week I heard of Sam’s Club’s new savings program called eValues.   There is very limited information about it on their website so I’m not sure exactly the type of savings that it will provide.  I didn’t see any examples of products that I would save.  This program is only available to Plus membership which is a yearly cost of $100, Sam’s Club guarantees that you will save that with this program.

The idea is instead of coupons or rebates, several times a month Plus members will have offers on different items and the coupon is automatically loaded on the Sam’s club card so when you check-out the price is “on sale”.  Similar to a grocery store bonus card. I’m currently not a Plus member and with my small family I don’t know if I could see the benefit.

Here are some articles I found about eValues:
Sam’s Club Cuts Out Paper Coupons – 8/09

Members will automatically receive customized discounts, based on the items they purchase, at checkout. Offers cover a wide-range of products including food, office supplies, tires, appliances, electronics and mattresses.

Sam’s Club Introduces Personalized Digital Savings – 9/18/09

The eValue benefit is included in both the Advantage and Business versions of the Sam’s Club Plus Membership, both of which cost $100 annually. Sam’s Club estimates Plus Members will save more than $200 additionally per year with eValues.

“While our Members save time and money every day at Sam’s Club, we are excited to provide customized offers on products and services they need and want for their home or business through Sam’s Club eValues,” said Cindy Davis, executive vice president of Membership, Marketing and E-commerce at Sam’s Club. “This program enables us to simplify our Members’ lives by eliminating the wasteful practice of couponing that requires consumers do all the work. With eValues, we can ensure we are providing superior, more relevant offers based on Member preferences.”

According to the Promotion Marketing Association (PMA) in a September 2008 study, 89% of Americans use coupons when shopping and 97% say they use coupons at supermarkets. In addition, an average coupon user who spends 10 minutes a week on coupon clipping saves $7.

On a side note:   I’m curious about the stats above since those are from 2008. I started my frugal adventure in 2008, now in 2009, there are so many more people using coupons then ever before. Plus, those numbers look a little high. 97% “say they use coupons at supermarkets” How many people were polled? 100? 1000? I remember Decision Sciences.  How often do they use coupons at supermarkets?  Once a week?  Once a year?

I read a great blog last month called The Prudent Home Maker who explains her family ordeal of living for 2 years eating from her well stocked pantry.    This is a fantastic blog explaining how a well stocked pantry is a good idea for everyone to do.  See her Sam’s Club pantry list HERE.

From her list the items I love to buy at Sam’s Club include:

  • Bread Flour
  • Yeast
  • Salt
  • Raisins
  • Oil