Shoppers Food Shopping Trip 11/15/09


My plan was to stop at Shoppers to pick up some double deal newspapers.  Unfortunately, they didn’t have any.  I then picked up an extra Washington Post for $1.50.  I was hoping they would be on discount but apparently they don’t discount them anymore.

Since I was there and I had my $15 worth of catalina coupons from my previous trip with me and I thought I would get some basics for Thanksgiving coming up.  We seem to have plenty of food for the next week or so.  See my post about my husband’s Aldi trip HERE.

I took the opportunity to look for some good deals without using coupons!  Then I made the decision to spend $15 and get Mr. Tom Turkey too.  Shoppers Marvel Turkeys are $.38 lb which is the cheapest around as long as you spend $15.

This is what I found:

1 – Richfood Navy Dried Beans $1.00

1 – Richfood Blackeye Peas $1.00

1 – Richfood Pinto Beans $1.00 (Thought I could make some Mexican Burritos this week.  I can use these and some other goodies I have in my pantry.)

1 – Banderita Tortillas 10 pk $2.49 (Perfect for Burritos)

1 – Goya Barley $1.09

9 – Hodgson Mill Fast Rise yeast 8.75 g a packet (more than other brands)  $.29 each  (This is a great deal! Since I love to make bread and I recently bought some extra yeast this was a great price.  Plus, it has a date of later in 2011.)


1 – Frozen Marvel Tom Turkey 17.12 lbs $.38 lb =  $6.50!

Bananas $1.24

Yellow Onions 3 lb bag $2.49

White Potatoes Green Giant 5 lb bag $2.99

Russet Potatoes Green Giant 5 lb $2.99 (I know potatoes will go on sale again for Thanksgiving but I wanted to reach the $15 mark and I know that we would love to have home fries this week!)

Shredded Cheese 2 cups $2.00 (Perfect for the Burritos)

Sunday Paper $1.50

After -$15 catalina coupons  and -$.20 reusable bags

Total = $14.46

Saved $25.64

Savings of 65%