Shoppers Food Warehouse – Triple and Double Coupons

I just got the “Washington Post Shopping Guide” in my mailbox. You know the one that has the pizza, and window ads that happens to have the grocery ads in it and you usually throw in the trash? You know what I’m talking about.

I happened to look at mine today looking for my turkey deals.

Shoppers Food Warehouse ad is fantastic! It has 7 full days of extra thanksgiving savings! Unlimited Triple up to 50 cent coupons + Unlimited Double up to $1.00 coupons. Ad is for 11/20/08-11/27/08.

In fine print it says: *Limit 4 coupons for identical items to ensure sufficient supply of products for all our customers. If the value of the triple or double coupon exceeds the retail price of the item, you will receive the item FREE. coupons stating “Not Subject to Doubling” or “Do Not Double” will not be eligible for Tripling or Doubling.

In the back of the “Washington Post Shopping Guide” it has a coupon for .50 cents off a Sunday Washington Post…do you see what I’m seeing? You can triple that coupon at Shoppers! It equals $1.50. That means you can get the Sunday Paper for FREE on Sunday! More coupons!