Staples Shopping Trip 8/2/2009

staples_logo_taglineI decided to go into Staples today to get the paper deal that I mentioned before.  Click HERE to read my earlier post.

Unfortunately, my Staples doesn’t accept competitors coupons like Office Depot.  Big Bummer!   Click HERE to see a forum post about this and more about Office Depot at

The FW MODs can verify this with Staples corporate:

1. Staples never had an official policy on their site or anywhere else stating they would accept all Office Depot coupons. They DID have a brief promotion posted on their site stating they would accept Office Depot in-sore coupons and store credits in areas where Office Depot was closing all their stores but that promotion ended months ago.
2. Staples DOES have an official corproate policy stating they will NOT accept ANY printable competitor coupons. This obviously includes Office Depot. Plus posting such coupons is a violation of Office Depot affiliate agreement.
3. Staples OFFFICIAL corporate policy is that they WILL at the local Staples store manaer’s discretion accept smail mail hard copy competitor coupons subject to the original terms of the competitor coupon. ie no technology coupon restriction for Office Depot coupons means Staples is not supposed to allow the same. However as we all know that has been a YMMV.
4. Despite the OP’ assertions VERY few Staples store managers will accept ANY competitor coupons. Those posting success are visting those same few stores.

I instead used this week’s coupon $10 gift card after $50 purchase but the weird thing is the coupon is a coupon for $10 off!  So, this deal worked out very well.


2 HP Office 8.5×11 copy paper, 5 ream case  for $39.98  (get back $19.99 easy rebate)

5 8×10 1/2 filler paper for $.01 each = $0.05  Valid Sunday-Wednesday only

2 Staples brand multipurpose paper bright white $7.99 each – $2. instant savings = $5.99 each = $11.98 (get back $3.99 each = $7.98)

Used the $10/$50 gift card staples

Out of pocket OOP =$44.01

Then get back the following easy rebates:

(get back $19.99 easy rebate)

(get back $3.99 each = $7.98)

Cost =$14.04 + tax

Approx. $1.17 a piece for 12 reams of paper and $0.01 a piece for 5 filler papers  + tax

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