Staying Health – Probiotics

Eat your yogurt and take your Probiotic daily!

The Thrifty Mama wrote a post last month about staying healthly during the flu and cold season.

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She mentions taking a probiotic on a daily basis and I wanted to learn more about it. Since I’ve had to go on three different treatments of anti-biotics in the last three months I’m interested in finding ways to stay healthly. I’m now taking a probiotic especially while I’m taking antibiotics. Here is a great article discuss how it really does help. Probiotics May Help People Taking Antibiotics I’m taking a probiotic from Puritan’s Pride.

I also learned that I’m now allergic to penicillin. It turns out that the body can become allergic overtime. The body can also do the opposite – not be as allergic over time. Read this article here.