The Cost of Diapers 2010 – January Update

One of the reasons I started to get into couponing was because of the cost of diapers and wipes.  I would go to Walmart, Sam’s Club, Target, Babies R Us and compare the prices and figure which store would give me the best deal and then I discovered the ‘coupon‘.  Coupons as you may or may not already know hold the key to finding some great deals.  In the last year thanks to the CVS and Rite Aid I’ve lowered my cost to diapers to about $300 a year.

This is an estimate so this year I plan on costing out how much I spend on diapers and soon training pants. My little girl isn’t a little girl anymore.  She wears size 6 and is a “big” girl!  Size 6 diapers cost a lot more than the 1 and 2 sizes and are hard to find on sale.  In some cases, I get excited about some of the deals only to find out that they don’t carry size 5 or 6.  Today, we bought her “potty” and will slowly introduce her to it.  She is 18 months old going on 19 months and thinks the “potty” is really neat.  I hope that continues!

If you find a good diaper deal or training pant deal PLEASE let me know.  Thanks!

How much have I spent on diapers in 2010?

Date Location Brand Size Number of Diapers/Training pants Regular Price Cost Cost per Diaper
01/02/10 Walmart Pampers 6 60 19.92 includes tax
19.92 $0.30
01/01/10 Big Lots Big Lots 5 too small
19 3.33 3.33 $0.18
01/10/10 CVS CVS Brand 6 40 13.99 2.49 $0.06
01/7/10 Luvs 6 23 6.92 6.09 $0.26

142 44.16 31.83 $0.20

Img Source:  Justin Newitter

One thought on “The Cost of Diapers 2010 – January Update

  • Hopefully there will be a good diaper deal coming up at CVS or RiteAid soon, or at least a chance to earn back ECB’s or Single Check Rebates.
    I agree, it does get harder to find the larger size diapers in stores and they are way more expensive. I’m thankful that my son is potty trained (although he still will wear pull-ups some of the time). Good luck with potty-training your daughter!
    .-= Laura – Frugal Friends in Northern Virginia´s last blog ..New RedBox Code Good Thru 1/11/10 =-.

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