The Couponizer

For Christmas I asked for the Couponizer.  My dear husband didn’t understand that you have to buy it online.  He looked at the bookstores trying to find it.  After Christmas he mentioned that he couldn’t find it.

Last week, I ordered it and here is my experience with it so far.  It is a very neat system!




I opened it up and it came together with a How-To book, scissors, plastic carry bag and the Couponizer book.

1.  I’m impressed at how organized it is.    It has a pocket for the bonus cards.  This makes it so handy!

Thanks BeCentsAble
Thanks BeCentsAble

2.  I was able to fill it up with all of the coupons I use.  I still have plastic file folders that I store the Sunday uncut inserts  so I can find them for good deals.  I have a 7th month old so I don’t have room in the cart to have a big box of coupons or the ability to carry a large binder of coupons.

Thanks BeCentsAble
Thanks BeCentsAble

3 . As you can see from BeCentsAble’s pictures that the Couponizer has lots of pockets for each main section of the grocery store.  It makes a lot of sense.  In the back it has room for those “other” coupons like fast food and retail shops.

4. It has a Coupon tracker sheet at the back to add up your savings.

A couple things I would change about the couponizer if I could.

1. Wish it were in a binder so I could have the ability to move the pockets around in a different order.

2. The ability to add more pockets or take away the pockets.  I use the “Personal Hygene” pocket the most because of CVS deals but don’t use the “Pet” pocket as much since I don’t have that many cat food coupons.  I can just change the label myself but it would be nice to have the flexibility.

3.  Wish it was made out of a plastic cover rather than cardboard because it seems it won’t last as long.

4. It is on the pricey side for someone that is on a budget ($19.95+s&h) However, I did take the plunge and buy it.  I do like it and I see how others like it too. I’ve saved over $20 using my coupons so it’s paid for itself so far.

I highly recommend it, especially if you are new to coupons.