Time to throw away those old coupon inserts

If you haven’t gone through you coupon folders this past weekend don’t worry because I have a list of inserts you can now throw away!  Super easy.  Check out my list of insert expiration dates.

1/3/10   SS1 SS2 RP1 and P&G All expired

1/10/10  RP

1/17/10 SS and P&G

1/24/10 SS

1/31/10 SS and RP

2/7/10 SS and GM and P&G

2/21/10 RP and P&G

2/28/10 SS

3/7/10 SS and P&G

3/14/10 SS

3/21/10 SS and RP

3/28/10 SS1 and RP

5/2/10 P&G

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