Trying to keep up with it all!

I thought since I have a minute I would write a post that would let me feel better about everything that I have to do and would like to do. I’m a full-time working Mom. My baby is now 5 months old and is growing up fast. I’m very lucky because I’m on a 9/80 schedule which allows me to take off every other Friday. I can spend that day with my daughter and get some things done too.

Today, she and I spent the morning playing on the floor. She is learning how to roll over. She doesn’t like to be on her tummy. Then I worked on putting away some loads of laundry. She played on the floor while looking at the mirror watching herself make faces. She loves seeing herself in the mirror. She was a little frustrated when I would leave the room because she was use to seeing me. She recognizes Mom and Dad.

Later this morning we had painters stop by to paint our front door. It’s going take a little bit of time because it is raining today. She played in her excer-saucer and had a great time for about 15 minutes before getting tired and hungry. I fed her and shortly was able to put her down for a nap around noon while I’ve been working on getting a couple things done around the house.

A couple of things I hope to get done this weekend.
1. Put away some more laundry.
2. Clean bottles
3. Go to Target either today or tomorrow
4. Go to CVS
5. Finish picture book before Sunday

Other things I would like to do:
1. I would like to write a post about Thanksgiving and buying a cheap Turkey. Last year I was able to get a Turkey for 29 cents a pound and hope to do that again.
2. I would like to write a post about painting the house. Show some before and after pictures.
The house looks great!
3. Definitely need to write a post about ordering new blinds for the windows. Got a great deal!
4. Start planning out black friday. I get that day off!

Thanks to thethriftymama who directed her readers to Making Your Home A Haven – from thehomespunheart. She has been working on how to create your home a haven. I of course jumped in the middle of this and have been reading the blog posts which are very inspiring! This got me motivated to do some more around the house.

Time to play with baby!