Update: Red Plum Coupons in Washington Post


Well, I haven’t confirmed 100% but it looks like as of last weekend (7/26/09) that Washington Post will be carrying the Red Plum coupons again.  I didn’t get the Red Plum coupons in my Red Plum mailer on Monday, 7/27/09.


Per my earlier post, click HERE to read it, I mentioned the Red Plum web site that allows you to search your location to find the Red Plum coupons.  This morning on my way to work I found the Washington El Tiempo Latino newsstand (Note this is FREE!) and to my excitement it has the Red Plum coupons!  It looked different then the ones from Sunday’s paper and I looked at the date and it is for this weekend (8/2/09)!  Woohoo! It didn’t include other coupons like SmartSource or P&G.

I strongly suggest getting the “Double Pack” for $2 of the Washington Post this weekend.  There should be all 3 coupon inserts:  P&G, Red Plum and Smart Source!

Let me know where else you find your coupons!

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