Washington Post Coupons

In the Washington D.C. Metro area, the Washington Post is the newspaper that has the circular coupons in it. That includes the Smart Source, Red Plum and P&G monthly coupons. If you have it delivered the coupons and ads come in the Sunday supplement on Saturday. Some locations sell the Sunday supplement on Saturday besides including it on Sunday.

The newsstand price for the Sunday paper is $1.50. There are some deals out there to get the Washington Post cheaper. In the summer there was a deal where I was able to get it for .57 a paper! I get the Sunday paper only. Right now, they are offering it for .49 a paper! To get a deal like that you CAN’T be a subscriber for the past 30 days.

Links to Washington Post deals:
Washington Post-New Subscriber Deal
Discounted Newspapers – Washington Post

Last thing to mention make sure after you subscribe to the Washington Post to sign-up for PostPoints! You get 1,000 for signing up!

It sounds like a gimmick, but surprisingly it’s pretty easy to earn PostPoints that you can trade in for stuff. As a coupon person, I would trade them in for gift cards. I believe the cheapest one is Shoppers Food Warehouse -1,600 points equals a $10 GC. Since I signed up a couple months ago I’m already up to 1,100! Not to bad. Plus, you can link your CVS card, and Giant card to the PostPoints cards to earn points when you shop there. Not only do I save by shopping at CVS I also get PostPoints too. Plus, you can get coupons when you sign up.

Look out for the Washington Post ads in your mailbox too! The ones that have the pizza and window ads. NOTE: They are called “The Washington Post Shopping Guide.” I got another one today. I usually throw those away, but last week I noticed that they have a .50 cent coupon off a Sunday paper. Not sure but Giant might even double it. Either way a great deal to get the Sunday paper for $1.00 – extra coupons! Woohoo!