Washington Post – It’s official NO Red Plum coupons

This is a follow up to my post from the other day.   I wanted to mention that this morning I had the bad news of looking at my ad section and only receiving the Smart Source section.  No Red Plum to be found.

I didn’t get the Red Plum coupons in my mailbox.  The Red Plum ad in my mailbox said “$35 worth of coupons inside” and they weren’t there.  It looks like they fell out.   So far my Mom and Mother-in-law (who look out for coupons for me) haven’t seen it either.  I don’t think this idea of advertising is going to work for Red Plum.  I can see their idea of putting coupons in people’s mailboxes would give others opportunity to receive coupons, however, if they are in the pizza ads no one looks at them.  My Mom and Mother-in-law throw them away usually.  I had to ask them specifically to look out for them.

In my area it seems they appear on Tuesdays.  Is that when you get them?

What are your thought on this change?  Where should I get Red Plum coupons now?  The only newspaper that can be delivered is Washington Times and they don’t offer coupons.

UPDATE:  I want to mention that this week I got the Red Plum in Monday’s mail.   When are you getting them?

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