Washington Post – Red Plum Coupons BACK?!


This afternoon I picked up my comic section and went through it as I usually do.  I immediately noticed that I had the packet that doesn’t include the TV Weekly anymore.  I then went through each section:  ad, ad, Smart Source, ad, ad, ad, Red Plum!  I was in shock.  Washington Post isn’t suppose to have Red Plum coupons?!   See my posts from early HERE, and HERE.    Also, see my post about “Where to find Coupons?!”  Click HERE to read it!

  1. Does this mean that the Washington Post is going to have Red Plum and Smart Source?
  2. Does this mean that I won’t get Red Plum anymore in the mail?

I did a couple searches and so far I found two websites to look at.

Where can You find Red Plum Book? – This site asks you to fill in your address to find out where to find Red Plum coupons.  My address says the following:

  • FAIRFAX FAIRFAX COUNTY TIMES – This would be new! (Confirmed! As of 8/5/09!!)
  • WASHINGTON POST – This is what I found out today. (Confirmed!)
Some of my family live in Woodbridge and their address says the following:
Look in the following newspaper(s) for your RedPlum Coupon Book:

  • WASHINGTON POST (Confirmed!)

All information as of August, 2009

Slickdeals.net Thread –I’m not the only one to notice that there were Red Plum coupons in the Washington Post.

Please, leave me a comment with what you find out.

5 thoughts on “Washington Post – Red Plum Coupons BACK?!

  • Jen

    I too and so thrilled it’s back… I wasn’t getting them in the mail (even though I signed up) it came hollowed out, with only coupons to local places

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  • michelle wong

    Hey is there any new scoup that you found out? I’m thinking about getting the Washington post this sunday. My Red Plum hasn’t been coming in the mail for the last 3 weeks including this week :[

    • So, far it looks like it is going to be back in the Washington Post. *cross fingers* This week is going to be a great week to get the coupons because it is all 3 P&G, Red Plum and Smart Source. See the coupon calendar. I suggest you get a Double Pack which costs $2 at most stores, when Shoppers carries them it is $1.80! I know the one in Herndon carries them for sure.

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