What are your Favorite Blog Posts?

What are my most popular posts?

The reason I want to know and focus on them is so I can try and improve on my blog each week and bring to my old readers as well as new readers their top interests.

2010 Coupon Insert Schedule & Expiration – This post I created for myself and others to mark when to throw away my coupon inserts.

2011 Coupon Insert Schedule & Expiration – Here is the most recent 2011 post which I haven’t had time to update as I would prefer.    I will start updating this as soon as possible.

The cost of diapers 2010 – I wrote several posts about my cost of diapers during 2010.  I was hoping to continue that focus for 2011.   My plan is to update a 2011 plan of how I got a year’s supply of diapers for very little cost.  Most of my diapers came from my huge Black Friday deal at Babies R Us in 2010. We also asked for a diaper shower rather than a formal baby shower that helped a lot and Costco will exchange sizes no questions asked. Last I also use Amazon Mom for delivery at home for diapers and wipes.

NOVA (Northern Virginia) Grocery Links – I just updated the links for the local Northern Virginia Grocery coupon match-ups.   There are so many new faces and new blogs out there that are creating great grocery links!

Coupon Policies  – It seems so many of the stores are updating their policy after recent shows about coupons.    I’ve updated a couple so far.  Let me know of others that need to be updated or added.