Why you should get the Sunday Washington Post 9/13


This week you should!  Sunday 9/13 Washington Post has coupons and a lot more.

  • There will be 5 inserts this Sunday – 3 Smartsource and 2 Redplum.
  • SS1 exp 6/30/10, SS2 GM exp 12/5/09, SS3 12/31/09, RP1 exp 12/31/09, and RP2 exp 3/31/10
  • However, I got 4 today, now I could have missed one.   I got 2 Smartsource and 2 Redplum.  I picked up another paper and it did have 5 including the General Mills Smartsource.
  • Kmart $10 new or transfer prescription gift card coupon
  • Coupons in Parade magazine

Did you get all 5 inserts?  Anything I missed?