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How to make a Stocking?


I guess you can say I’ve always been frugal in some way or another.   I might not have used coupons as much as I do now and I didn’t always reach for the lowest out of pocket expense but I loved to make crafts with scrap fabrics.  Did I mention that I like to quilt?   I haven’t had much time since I have a little girl, but I do love to sew.

You may have seen my post on – How to make a Baby Bib? A super easy project that you can make in about 15 minutes as long as all of your supplies are in reach. Today, I’m going to show you how to make a pretty stocking right before you need to set them up for  tomorrow night!  What perfecting timing, if I say so myself.

These are pictures I took last Christmas season when I made my daughter’s stocking.

Supplies Needed:

  • 1/4 yard of 1 or 2 matching fabrics
  • Matching Thread
  • Matching Ribbon to hang the stocking
  • Needle or Sewing Machine
  • Trim (optional)
  • Tracing Paper or Fabric pattern material or plain paper


Step 1:  Create a stocking pattern.   You can create one by free hand or by tracing an existing stocking.  Use the tracing paper or fabric pattern material.  Make sure you add at least a 1/2 inch seam allowance.   Layout the fabric you want to make the body of the stocking –  right sides facing each other.  Cut 2.


Step 2:   After cutting 2 stocking pieces together take the pattern off the fabric and make sure the fabric is pinned.


Step 3:  Create the cuff of the Stocking.   Take the second fabric and make a decision as to where you want the stocking cuff to end.


Make sure you include a 1/2 seam allowance.  Pin the pattern to the fabric –  2 sides facing each other.  Cut 2.


Step 4:  Sew the body of the stocking leaving the top open.


Step 5:  Sew one side of the cuff.  See above.


Step 6:  Now for the fun part!  Adding the optional Trim.   Open up the Cuff – right side facing up, and place the trim with the rope trim pointed up and the sewing trim pointed down up against the sewing seam of the Cuff.  See above.


Step 7:  You are welcome to do this by hand but I love using my sewing machine.   This will take you no time at all when you use your zipper foot like I did here.   Move your needle to the far left and sew as close to the rope trim as possible.  If you decided not to add the rope trim just turn the bottom of the cuff up about 1/2 inch and sew.  Simple hem.


Here is the result after sewing the rope trim to the cuff.  Super easy!   Now, sew the side of the cuff to the other side – right sides facing.


Step 8:  Next attaching the Cuff to the Stocking body.  This is a lot easier then you might think.   Take the Cuff and lay it out like I have – right side out.   Take the Stocking and lay it out like I have – wrong side out.    Then place the cuff seam against the top of the Stocking body.   Then pull the Cuff – wrong side showing – over the Stocking body.   Sew the seam together.


Above is a picture of the final seam after it is sewn.

IMG_4511Merry Christmas!

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Making your own Holiday Envelopes!


This last year I got Martha Stewart Living
for free!   The magazine has a lot of creative ideas.

This evening I was looking for Christmas labels and I found this creative idea for envelopes. Using the Martha Stewart method and you don’t have to spend any money! Use some of the scrap wrapping paper from gift wrapping.

Unfold a regular envelope. Choose patterned paper larger than the envelope (or stick mismatched pieces together with glue). Trace the envelope onto the paper, fold (use envelope as a guide), and secure with glue stick. If mailing, add a label.

A couple years ago I found Floral Vintage Collection: Cards, Envelopes, Tags and I created cards and envelopes for peoples birthdays and other celebrations.

Image source:

Note: I am an affiliate with

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Calligraphy Project – Christmas Cards and Wedding Invitations

Besides starting Christmas shopping and finishing up Thanksgiving turkey, in the evenings I’ve been working on practicing my Calligraphy for a family member’s wedding invitations.


Here is an example of my Calligraphy version of “Virginia”.  It’s funny how words look odd after you look at them for a long period of time.   As I practice, I’m also writing my addresses for my Christmas cards.  Might as well!  Practice makes perfect.

I found to be really helpful if you are interested in learning Calligraphy to watch the following videos.



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How to make Liquid Foaming Hand Wash?


I’m a huge fan of Dial complete and other liquid foaming hand wash.  For several years I would buy the refills at Walmart.  Now, I look for good deals everywhere I go.   I’ve tried in the past to make my own but it would come out foaming for a day and then it would stop working.   The best deal I’ve found to buy it at Aldi I believe it is under $2 last time I was there. Then here is the recipe for refilling your container!

1. Find some gel like liquid soap.  I recommend gel form because it needs to dissolve.  The creme version will not dissolve and the pump will not be able to foam it.  You can get the gel form really cheap!  You could even try gel shampoo.

2.  Then right before you have completed the original formula approximately 4 tablespoons left,  I recommend this is the best time to refill it!  If you already finished it that is ok.

3.  Add about 3 to 5 tablespoons of gel liquid soap.

3.  Add hot water to the bottle but don’t fill it all the way.  I suggest leaving a couple inches for room to shake the bottle and fit the pump into the bottle.  Some bottles have a line for refilling.

4.  Shake the bottle so that the gel dissolves.  The soap will foam a lot in the bottle.  Keep shaking until the gel dissolves.

5. Tada!  You have liquid foaming hand wash.  Super cheap!

My daughter LOVES to wash her hands with this soap.  I squirt a small amount on each of her hands and she understands to rub her hands together.

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Castrol Edge Rebate Save up to $15


My husband who is the vehicle expert in the household, see his website HERE, mentioned to me that Castrol Edge is currently running a rebate, save up to $15.  Click HERE to see the rebate form.  I haven’t found any good deals but did read that some Walmarts have this oil on discount.  We’ve found in our experience that Walmart and Sam’s Club is the best price for oil.  On occation we can find some good deals at Advance Auto.

Let me know if you find Castrol Edge on sale!

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Original Sewing & Quilt Expo – Chantilly, VA – October 1, 2 and 3


I’m super excited!  I’ve thought about posting this last month and then time flew by.  It dawned on my this evening that I had to post this before I forgot again.

For the last couple years I’ve been going to the Sewing Expo in Chantilly, VA.  It is a blast!  I save up every year to go since I love to take classes.  I learn a lot about sewing. If you are at all interested in sewing or an expert seamstress this event is for you.  There are some frugal things to be had, however, this event has all sorts of expensive goodies to drool at!

If you are interested in attending and haven’t attended before, then I have a deal for you!    Email me at hollys.savings (at) gmail (dot) com with the subject:  “I want to attend the Sewing Expo!” and I can give you a  “Bring-A-Friend” code!  What this means is AFTER you sign-up and give the code, you will receive a voucher for 2 class tickets, one for you and one for me.  It’s that easy!   Click HERE for more information on how this works.

Hurry! Sign-up before 9/22/09 and you can get a discount on registration for classes.

Here is a description from the website!

Welcome to Original Sewing & Quilt Expo! Get ready for your annual treat, the only event each year where it’s all about YOU. Returning just in time to re-charge your creativity, this year’s Expo brings you MORE – MORE about quilts and quiltmaking, MORE on Stage and in the Classroom, MORE workshops, MORE shopping . . . all in all, much more for you to choose from and enjoy.

Whether you spend a day or the entire weekend with us, you’ll find the inspiration and motivation to try something new or take your current passions to a new level of satisfaction. We guarantee it!

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Easy Chic Furniture! Black Antique – Old to make Old again!

How do you make that old ugly 80’s furniture look better?

Yuck!  Most people would say throw-it away!  Or donate it! Or Freecycle it!

I say reuse it! Make it better for about $5-$20 and your time!

About 5 years ago my husband and I were doing our typical Walmart shopping trip which always included looking at clearance items.  This particular day this Do-It-Yourself (DIY) Kit caught my attention it was called Accents by Rust-Oleum Brand – Distressed Antique Black. I bought 2 kits for $5 a piece.   (Note: This was 5+ years ago.)


At the time, we were living in a small townhouse that we had owned for a couple years and I was interested in painting picture frames black and maybe a couple other pieces as well.   I really like black furniture.  I’m a huge fan of Pottery Barn and Crate & Barrel style furniture.  My taste is classic clean lines with a french country twist. Continue reading Easy Chic Furniture! Black Antique – Old to make Old again!