Walmart: Fabric Clearance

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Around the Washington D.C. metro area several Walmart stores are being upgraded to SuperCenters. I haven't been to Walmart in a couple weeks and I forgot how crazy the store is with the construction going on. This weekend we stopped in at the Walmart in Woodbridge, VA and discovered that they put ALL of the fabric on Clearance by the bolt. So whatever the bolt amount per yards X $3-$4 equals the cost. There were some bolts that had 10+ yards so they cost about $30 but most were less than that. If you are need of some fabric or are like me and love fabric, you might want to check out this Walmart or other Walmarts that are going under SuperCenter remodeling. I found these ranging from $4.97 -…
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Wow! Lots of Fabric I purchased at Joann Fabric Closing Burke VA

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Have I mentioned that I really like fabric?   Well, I really do.  It's crazy I know.  I have a very good stockpile of all sorts of fabrics in particular quilting cottons. My hubby called me to tell me about the Burke Joann Store was closing in order to move to a bigger store in Fairfax.  He said most of the fabrics were 50% to 75% and in addition they still did the sale price from the circular.   In some cases that makes it 85% to 95% off!   When I got there he had 30+ bolts of fabric ready to purchase.  I then purchase 12 more! When it rang up it was $280+ and after the discounts it came to $80+!  I can't believe it.  Of course I don't know exactly…
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How to Make a Baby Bib? Easy project!

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How to make a baby bib? This is a super easy project that you can create in less than 15 minutes. Select some fabric and create a simple template. I created this template using freezer paper. You can then iron on the freezer paper template to the fabric with a low setting on your iron. Then you can easily cut out the fabric without pinning. Either cut out 2 templates or do as I did and fold the fabric and then cut out 2 at one time. Then sew the two pieces right sides together. Leave a little bit open so you can turn it right side out. Then attach some velcro to the ends, either by sewing or using fusible agent. I recommend Bo-Nash Fusible 007.
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