Wow! Lots of Fabric I purchased at Joann Fabric Closing Burke VA

Have I mentioned that I really like fabric?   Well, I really do.  It’s crazy I know.  I have a very good stockpile of all sorts of fabrics in particular quilting cottons.

My hubby called me to tell me about the Burke Joann Store was closing in order to move to a bigger store in Fairfax.  He said most of the fabrics were 50% to 75% and in addition they still did the sale price from the circular.   In some cases that makes it 85% to 95% off!   When I got there he had 30+ bolts of fabric ready to purchase.  I then purchase 12 more! When it rang up it was $280+ and after the discounts it came to $80+!  I can’t believe it.  Of course I don’t know exactly how much my hubby spent but, he spent quite a bit.  We added it up and it is worth well over $1000!  My hubby was funny because this will definitely be my birthday gifts and probably Christmas gifts too.  Surprise!

I’m such a nut.  I might go again tomorrow morning.

Some of the types of fabric I purchased:

  • flannels
  • cottons
  • home decor cottons
  • suiting

See my daughter having a blast organizing it!  Now where to store it.  We were thinking of all of the fun projects to make with it.  I can easily see more than $1000 worth of projects and crafts we can come up with it.

Any ideas?

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