ING Direct Offering Specials on 7/1/10-7/2/10

I’m a huge fan of ING Direct.  It is simple to use and it is the best way to save automatically.  I’m a firm believer of paying your self first by automatically saving from each paycheck or per month.  Then I pay the rest of the bills with what I have. That way I can’t overspend.

In my email this week, I got a hint to a new sale ING Direct Financial Independence Days Sale that ING Direct is going to offer July 1-2.

Check out who wrote an article with more details about the sale.  Back in November last year they had a great Thanksgiving Sale that offered money after signing up for their FREE e-checking account.  Super easy to do and a great account to use as a debt account.

I love referring people to ING Direct and I get a little something in return when I do refer others as well as the new customer!  If you are interested in being referred especially during this event please email me with the email account you wish to sign up for to redberrydeals (at) gmail (dot) com and I will send you the referral link.

2010 Savings Challenge

I’m a huge fan of so many bloggers including Mrs. MoneySaver and  It is so inspirational to read about each of their goals for 2010!

I’m so excited because if you read my earlier post from last year about our financial goals 2009 I’m excited to say that we’ve done everything on the list and then some!   We’ve done a lot and we continue to stay on track!

This is what we did in 2009!

1. Continue to pay our credit cards each month!

2. 6+ months of expenses for emergency fund

3. Increased each of our life insurance policies!

4. Got an umbrella policy.

5. I’m super excited to say that we maxed out on our retirement accounts!

6. We started a 529k for our daughter and family has even helped with some gifts.

7.  We refinanced our mortgage 2 months ago and lowered our mortgage payment by 9% per month!  That might not sound like a lot but for us that is a decent amount.  Of course that means we went back to a 30 year mortgage but I’m pleased with that.  Here is a great article from Ric Edelman — 10 reasons to Keep a Big – Large Mortgage.

8.  We are going to keep our extra stock and keep it until it rebounds a little bit more.  The advisor fees are too high to keep it after that. We are going to put this money towards our next savings goal.

9.  Get a home equity line of credit – Still looking into this option.  At this point we are comfortable with our current options.

10. Go on vacation!

Financial Goals 2010

Woohoo!  We only have our mortgage debt!  Not bad!    After a quick milkshake with the hubby we came up with these goals.

1.  Continue to pay off credit cards each month!

2.  Try to spend only $40 a week on groceries and try and spend less on eating out.

3. Max out our retirement accounts and look at other options to save even more into retirement.

4.  Continue to save each month into our daughter’s 529k plan.

5.  With the extra savings from our mortgage each month we are going take it and invest.   We will include stock that we were going to sell last year into this fund.  We have a goal and so far we have about 40% saved up!

6.  We went on vacation!  Woohoo!  Thanks to saving and being frugal at Christmas we went on vacation.  More about that soon.

7.  Save towards landscaping our front yard.  We need to get a couple estimates to figure out how much we need to save. We plan on doing some of it ourselves and having someone come and help too.

8.  Save towards remodeling our master bathroom.  Our bathroom is fine for now but it needs some tile work and we’ve thought long and hard and realized that it needs a good makeover and we plan on getting some estimates.

Keep Saving!

What are your goals for 2010?

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From David Bach:

Now that is a great question! And the answer is I truly want to help millions of you make 2010 your best year ever. I know many of you may not be able to afford a book at this time and this was my best way to give back in 2010 and help as many of you as possible. We know that giving away this book five days after it is released is risky and may hurt book sales, but I’m willing to take the risk. I told my publisher, trust me, the more people we help in 2010, the better! I know many of you will still buy the book, love reading the paperback and enjoy the free bonuses we’re giving away (only when you purchase it.) But for those of you who can’t, here’s your chance to enjoy it today!

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Happy New Year!

David Bach

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I like a lot of the financial writers and advisers like  Ric Edleman, Dave Ramsey,and David Bach.   They all have very sound advice and some of it I’ve accepted and used wisely and some I’ve listened to and made my own decisions.

David Bach was the first to introduce me to having a frugal mindset before I even knew who Dave Ramsey was!  David Bach introduced me to the “Latte Factor” – stop spending extra on things you could live without – “find out what investing your small savings can do for you.”   I strongly suggest you take a look at his books and learn more about how you can “Finish Rich.”

How do you calculate your grocery or drugstore savings?

I’m curious, how do you calculate your grocery or drugstore savings?

  1. Do you calculate it based on regular retail prices?
  2. Do you calculate it based on sale prices?
  3. How do you calculate it using your reward points /bucks/ rewards?

I’ve been trying to figure this out for a while.  We save a lot each year on so many things!  We don’t ever buy toothpaste, razors, and other household products just because I can get it FREE or really cheap.   I know I’m saving a lot because of that but how much am I really saving per trip? What formula do you use?  I plan to find a couple formulas and post them here.

Source Img:  All You magazine