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Crazy week and Giant Shopping Trip 4/21/10

This week has been a crazy week. A lot has been going on and I haven’t been as good about posting good deals. I’m hoping after tomorrow when the weekend starts I can start getting organized, clean the family room, office, and of course laundry. I’m really behind on laundry and haven’t been doing my routine.  Honestly, working full-time is tough because I’m always behind.  In the evenings after my daughter goes to bed, all I want to do is the essentials and go to bed. I’m exhausted!

This weekend I plan on cleaning up and going to the grocery store might go to Bottom Dollar to use my $10 off a $40 purchase.

Check out what my hubby got at Giant yesterday?   A bag of fruit including apples, mango and orange and guess what he paid?  $1  That’s right!

In addition, he got several bags of potatoes for $1 each.  We just had some mashed potatoes.  Yummy!  Love my frugal hubby.  He found these on a stand near the produce and they said “Not the best but still a good buy”.

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“Remember there will be another deal tomorrow.”

I want to welcome my new and old readers to my new blog – I want to share with you several tips I’ve learned about deal buying.

When I started to coupon shop I really got into it and I was shocked and so excited at how much I was saving. Then shortly I got the “buzz” from getting the great deals. I also got the “down” feeling when I missed out. Here are my tips:

Shoppers Trip 11/23/2008

1. Remember there will be another deal tomorrow! – There will always be another deal or even better deal tomorrow. It’s a fact of life. Sometimes I can’t get to the store on time. Sometimes the store is out of the products. The coupon expires. It happens to the best of us and to remember this saying when it happens.

2. Write down the expiration dates of your ECBS, Catalinas, RRs in your calendar – Most of my friends say to me, “Oh, I forget that I have those ECBs, they expire so quickly.” The way I keep track is to write it down on my daily planner and even my email calendar.

3. Try and plan ahead when to go to the store – Creating a plan with coupons and a plan when to go is the only way it will work out.

4. If the store is out of a product feel free to ask for a raincheck – Most stores allow rain-checks for almost all sale items and it doesn’t hurt to ask for them. In fact, CVS and other stores rain-checks NEVER expire. If the store is out of a product it might become a better deal tomorrow!

What are your tips for those that are starting to coupon?

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Couponers in the Media founder Nathan Engles and Jill Cataldo, aka “The Coupon Queen  on Nightline News.

Today my co-worker mentioned me to me about Nightline news and if I watched the segment about  “Extreme Couponers”.  I hadn’t heard about it and immediately looked it up.   Click HERE to see the newscast.

Wow!  It is amazing.  Jill spent $50 and got well over $100 worth of groceries (after sales but before coupons) and Nathan spent $30 and got well over $500 worth of groceries (retail amount).

Laura from on Washingtonian Blog Beat

I feel like I know a super star!  My good friend (shopping buddy) Laura from Frugalfriends was featured on the Washingtonian Blog Beat the beginning of this month.  Click HERE to see the article.  Redberrydeals is even mentioned.  I feel loved.

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How do you organize your coupons?

I seem to get this question a lot!  I thought I would write a regular post about the way I carry my coupons.  More detailed information about my insert organization can be found  HERE.

“How much time does it take you to organize coupons?”

Minutes!  If I have more time and I’m in the mood, I’ll spend more.    I just put them in my filing cabinet.

“How do you organize your coupons? I don’t know where to start?

I use the Couponizer that I carry with me, just because it is small and easy to carry in my purse.  I would LOVE to have a large binder or box but I’m afraid that I would lose it or my husband would commit me.  He loves that I save so much but thinks I’ve become that “Coupon Lady”, and I’m only 30! Haha! I tell him that there are a lot of ladies that are younger then me doing this too.  Besides this is the new Frugality.

If you don’t want to order the Couponizer or you think it is too big then use envelopes to hold your coupons in your purse.  Start small and as you begin the process of finding deals you will discover the method right for you.

Since I don’t have a lot of time because of my family I don’t like cutting all of my coupons so instead I keep the inserts and store them in a filing cabinet by date.  Then when I need a coupon I just find it by date.  Super easy.

Funny thing is the filing cabinet I’m using is the one that I WISHED for 7 years that my husband would get rid of, NOW I would never ever think about such a thing. 😀

If you are looking for a filing cabinet check out yard sales, Craigslist, or even Freecycle.

When I have time and I’m in the mood. I will take the multiple inserts and organize them together.

I write down the date and number of inserts in the packet. If there are multiple Smart Sources I will write down if it is SS#1 or SS#2.

Then I put them in the my filing cabinet.  With the most recent date in the front.  Super easy!

How do you organize your coupons?   Is this easy for you? Do you have an easier method?

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Stomach Bug

I’ve been dealing with the a stomach bug these last couple of days.  It seems to be going around.  Here are my tips for getting a quick recovery.

How to recover from Stomach bug/flu/food poisoning?

1.Wash your hands, often!

2. Drink plenty of fluids.  If you can’t drink fluids because of nausea, vomiting and/or diarrhea for several hours then you should see your doctor or go to the emergency room.  I’ve had to do that in the past.  It doesn’t take long before you can be severely dehydrated.

3.  Immediately take control of your symptoms.  Besides drinking fluids take some necessary medicines like Pepto or Imodium or medications recommend by your doctor.

4.  Don’t expose yourself to others if necessary.  You don’t want to spread it.

5.  Rest as much as possible.

6.  After you feel better and WANT to eat everything, take it slowly.  I like the BRAT (Banana, Rice, Apple Sauce and Toast) diet personally or similar foods.    I also like to include yogurt to get some good bacteria working for you.

I’m not a doctor or medical professional so take my advice like anyone else, ask a doctor to confirm.

This works for me.  I hope it helps others.

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Holly’s Savings is now

For a couple months now I’ve been trying to decide what to do with my savings blog.  I really want to keep it going but with a real name and URL.   I came up with   Now, when you click on my old links such as, it will automatically transfer you to    Red berry is for Holly.  Cute!  I thought so.

In the next couple weeks I hope to get a new blog format with a logo in place.  Feel free to submit any ideas or suggestions.  I would love to hear them.

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Happy V-Day!

Wishing everyone a wonderful V-day!  I hope you had fun. What did you do on your V-day?

My family went to CiCi’s pizza for dinner.  We stuffed ourselves and had a great time.  We used the B1G1 coupon in the 1/31 inserts so it cost us less than $10 to eat since the little one got in free!

This weekend has been a little crazy.

I had several hours yesterday by myself to get things done and I did 7 loads of laundry and today I did 2 loads.  It wasn’t until last week that I realized being at home for several days doing 2 loads a day I still was so behind on loads to do.  I mentioned in the past how I do laundry but I have to admit that there is a flaw to my madness because I still found many more to do.  Closets do hide laundry, I swear!   It also amazes me how many clothes we own.  My goal is not to buy any more clothes at least for me and hubby for awhile.  I doubt he would believe me.

The other thing is our neighbor asked us yesterday if we had any ice damming and to our surprise we found out last night that we do and it looks to be in multiple places, water is now dripping down our basement window and bedroom window. My dear hubby spent 4+ hours today using the hot water to melt the ice on the roof and the gutters that he could reach.  We are hoping that there isn’t a lot of extensive damage.

In order to make up for this crazy V-day weekend we are going on a date night this coming week/weekend.   I can’t wait!  Love you Hubby!

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Snow! Snow! and no Internet?

Thanks to my wonderful husband two years ago deciding we should have a generator.  He put one together and of course during this storm we haven’t had to use it. Thank heavens!

However to our surprise we lost our cable which is also our internet connection.  I can survive without the television (even though we had TIVO recordings) but without the internet it is shocking to the system!  I have my new fancy cell phone which helped a lot but I was still missing features that I can only get from my laptop and the internet.  Who knew we rely so much on it?  How did we live without it?

I’m back and ready to post.  Will be home tomorrow with the little one.  We had over 20 inches of snow and it is excepted to snow again on Tuesday?  Wow!  What a winter!

I hope to maybe go to Rite Aid this week because I’m interested in doing the P&G deal and use my Fall Gift of Savings certificate.  Any suggestions?

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