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Why you should get the Sunday Washington Post 8/23 this week


This week you should!  Sunday 8/23 Washington Post has coupons and a lot more.

  • Smart Source (which says 83-1 Advertising Supplement to Washington Post 8/23/09) exp 12/31/09
  • Red Plum (which says Advertising Supplement to Washington Post 8/23/09)  exp 02/28/10
  • Parade Magazine – Coupon – Libby’s Vegetables $1.00/3 exp 9/30/09
  • Michael’s coupon – Extra 45% entire purchase Bonus Coupon Valid Aug 23-29, 2009 – Artist Paints, Pencils, Pastels & Markers – Includes acrylic, oil and watercolor paint, open stock & sets and art markers sketching & drawing pencils, pastels & charcoal, art pens & calligraphy
  • Five Below ad – Sale includes Back packs for $5, usb laptop cooling station $5, usb keyboard $5, and mead all in one $5
  • Babies R US/Toys R US – Huggies Wipes Refill (184-232 ct) (6.99 each) 2 for $12  Must buy 2 for offer.  Put this towards the $5 off $25 coupon and the Huggies Wipe coupon (SS 7/19 $1.00/2)   Pretty good deal!
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Why you should get the Sunday Washington Post 8/16 this week.


This week you should!  Sunday 8/16 Washington Post has coupons and a lot more.

In regards to Red Plum see below the side says Washington RedPlum Direct Mail, so I believe some people will still get it in their mail.  See my earlier post HERE about how to check on your location.

  • Smart Source (which says 73-1 Advertising Supplement to Washington Post 8/16/09) exp 6/30/10
    • There is even a free sample of Viva Paper Towel in my Smart Source
    • On the cover of my Smart Source there is a coupon for a Free small (10 oz) Hot or (16 oz) Iced Latte from Dunkin Donuts!  (My husband and I have used the free coupons from a couple weeks ago.  Yummy!)  Limit one coupon per customer.  Good at Greater DC Area Location Exp 9/27/09
  • Red Plum (which says Advertising Supplement to Washington Post, Fredericksburg Free Lance-Star, Washington buy, Washington El Tiempo Latino, Washington RedPlum Direct Mail, Washington Suburban Buy, 8/16/09)  exp 12/31/09
  • Target Ad has a Free $10 Target GiftCard with purchase of any new or transferred prescriptions (this can be used at CVS and other places that take competitors coupons) exp 8/31/09
  • Staples Ad – has some great items on sale including $1 copy paper, $.25 composition notebooks and more.  Click HERE for more information!
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Why you should buy a Sunday 8/9/09 Washington Post this week.


I was thinking about the Red Plum coupons and the reason I buy the Washington Post each week.  Currently, I have a subscription and will be canceling it soon since I don’t have a weekly discount anymore.  Instead I will go to the store and get the Sunday Double Deal on Sundays.  There will be some Sundays I might not be interested in getting it, like the Holidays don’t have coupons.  So, in the long run I will save by only buying the ones that I want.  There are some Sundays that it makes sense to buy more than one or more than two.  I will try and write a post on Saturdays to say if it makes sense to buy the paper or not.

This week you should!  Sunday 8/9 Washington Post has coupons and a lot more.

  • Smart Source (which says 80-1 Advertising Supplement to Washington Post 8/9/09) exp 9/30/10
  • Smart Source #2 General Mills everyday saver (which says F11-2 on the side) exp 10/31/09
  • Red Plum (which says Advertising Supplement to Washington Post 8/9/09)  exp 11/30/09
  • Michael’s Ad has a 15% off coupon for your total purchase (Teacher Appreciation) exp 8/15/09 and 40% off any one regular price item 8/9-8/15
  • The Parade Magazine has a coupon for McDonalds – Free Medium Fries and Free Medium Soft Drink or Tea with purchase of any Angus Third Pounders exp 8/31/09. Valid only at participating McDonald’s restaurants.
  • Staples has a $5 off $50 purchase valid 8/9-8/15  (See my earlier post about Staples deals!)
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Where to get the”Sunday Double Deal” of the Washington Post?


About 10 months ago, I saw some bloggers post and show pictures of a Double Deal on their local newspaper.  Instead of buying 1 at $1.50, you buy 2 at a discount – 2 for $2.   I’ve been looking ever since to find these magical deals of newspapers for the my local newspaper the Washington post and finally I found one at my local Giant.   I don’t go to my Giant every week so I knew I wouldn’t always get it but when I do I would always check.    I recently posted on about the Red Plum appearing back in the Washington Post and made the comment about the Sunday Double deal.

Where to get the Sunday Double Deal of the Washington Post?  Here is a list of stores to look for it:

  • Giant Food
  • Harris Teeter
  • 7 Eleven
  • Shoppers (discounts it at check out)
  • Safeway
  • Wegmans

Where else have you seen them?

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Washington Post – Red Plum Coupons BACK?!


This afternoon I picked up my comic section and went through it as I usually do.  I immediately noticed that I had the packet that doesn’t include the TV Weekly anymore.  I then went through each section:  ad, ad, Smart Source, ad, ad, ad, Red Plum!  I was in shock.  Washington Post isn’t suppose to have Red Plum coupons?!   See my posts from early HERE, and HERE.    Also, see my post about “Where to find Coupons?!”  Click HERE to read it!

  1. Does this mean that the Washington Post is going to have Red Plum and Smart Source?
  2. Does this mean that I won’t get Red Plum anymore in the mail?

I did a couple searches and so far I found two websites to look at.

Where can You find Red Plum Book? – This site asks you to fill in your address to find out where to find Red Plum coupons.  My address says the following:

  • FAIRFAX FAIRFAX COUNTY TIMES – This would be new! (Confirmed! As of 8/5/09!!)
  • WASHINGTON POST – This is what I found out today. (Confirmed!)
Some of my family live in Woodbridge and their address says the following:
Look in the following newspaper(s) for your RedPlum Coupon Book:

  • WASHINGTON POST (Confirmed!)

All information as of August, 2009 Thread –I’m not the only one to notice that there were Red Plum coupons in the Washington Post.

Please, leave me a comment with what you find out.

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Washington Post – It’s official NO Red Plum coupons

This is a follow up to my post from the other day.   I wanted to mention that this morning I had the bad news of looking at my ad section and only receiving the Smart Source section.  No Red Plum to be found.

I didn’t get the Red Plum coupons in my mailbox.  The Red Plum ad in my mailbox said “$35 worth of coupons inside” and they weren’t there.  It looks like they fell out.   So far my Mom and Mother-in-law (who look out for coupons for me) haven’t seen it either.  I don’t think this idea of advertising is going to work for Red Plum.  I can see their idea of putting coupons in people’s mailboxes would give others opportunity to receive coupons, however, if they are in the pizza ads no one looks at them.  My Mom and Mother-in-law throw them away usually.  I had to ask them specifically to look out for them.

In my area it seems they appear on Tuesdays.  Is that when you get them?

What are your thought on this change?  Where should I get Red Plum coupons now?  The only newspaper that can be delivered is Washington Times and they don’t offer coupons.

UPDATE:  I want to mention that this week I got the Red Plum in Monday’s mail.   When are you getting them?

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Washington Post – No Red Plum Coupons?!

Well, the truth is out!  “If you don’t get it …you don’t get it.”

Washington post is one of the large newspapers that won’t carry the Red Plum coupons anymore.

As of February 1st 2009, RedPlum coupon inserts have been discontinued in many newspapers throughout major US cities. Instead of distributing these coupon inserts in the Sunday paper, Valassis has begun mailing the RedPlum coupon inserts to home addresses.

Valassis has pulled their RedPlum coupon inserts from newspapers in major cities in Ohio, Indiana, Pennsylvania, New Jersey, Utah, Virginia, Washington, D.C., North Carolina, Maryland, and Texas.

check here to see if your newspaper is still on the distribution list Note:  Washington Post is not listed.

if you are affected by this change, you may wish to Contact Valassis and ask them to reconsider:
Web: Valassis Consumer Support Page
Phone: 1-800-437-0479 (8:30am – 5:00pm EST) also has a list of companies that regularly offer coupons in the RedPlum insert. Under each company’s name, you will find contact information so that you can let them know how Valassis’s decision to remove the RedPlum insert from your local newspaper will affect you and what you buy.

Thanks to iheartriteaid!

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Shoppers Food Warehouse – Triple and Double Coupons

I just got the “Washington Post Shopping Guide” in my mailbox. You know the one that has the pizza, and window ads that happens to have the grocery ads in it and you usually throw in the trash? You know what I’m talking about.

I happened to look at mine today looking for my turkey deals.

Shoppers Food Warehouse ad is fantastic! It has 7 full days of extra thanksgiving savings! Unlimited Triple up to 50 cent coupons + Unlimited Double up to $1.00 coupons. Ad is for 11/20/08-11/27/08.

In fine print it says: *Limit 4 coupons for identical items to ensure sufficient supply of products for all our customers. If the value of the triple or double coupon exceeds the retail price of the item, you will receive the item FREE. coupons stating “Not Subject to Doubling” or “Do Not Double” will not be eligible for Tripling or Doubling.

In the back of the “Washington Post Shopping Guide” it has a coupon for .50 cents off a Sunday Washington Post…do you see what I’m seeing? You can triple that coupon at Shoppers! It equals $1.50. That means you can get the Sunday Paper for FREE on Sunday! More coupons!