How to use Coupons at Babies R Us?


Update: Babies R Us website for $5 off a $25 purchase! expires now on August 31!

Today, I went to Babies R Us to buy some gifts for a Baby Shower I will be attending later this month for a very good friend.  I’m super excited!  I love baby showers and I love gift giving.

My daughter and I went swimming this morning and shortly afterward we went up to Babies R Us while I was there I asked the customer service cashier about their coupon policy and I learned a lot!  I got some great deals.

1.Always check Babies R Us website for $5 off a $25 purchase! (also search for Babies R Us coupons)  You basically don’t need to go into Babies R Us without a coupon! Products that don’t qualify are diapers, formula, Mother Maternity, Apple ipods, video game hardware, etc.  Read the coupon restrictions carefully.

2. Sign up for Rewards R Us! For every $150 you spend you get a $5 coupon but only during promotional periods. This would have been a great thing when I bought my breast pump last year. Oh well!

3. Sign up for Babies R Us emails and mailing list so you can get coupons in the mail or online. I usually get a 15% off coupon any baby item every couples weeks. Plus, a booklet of coupons!

4. This is the best part! You can COMBINE all of these coupons per transaction! Or in other words you can STACK the coupons, including manufacture coupons too!   I was able to stack the $5  off a $25 + the 15% off a baby item + manufacture coupons.

5. To make the above even better!  You can even use the coupons on clearance items.

6.  There are some restrictions on Babies R Us coupons  such as particular brands or items might not qualify, ask customer service and they can help you.  Read the coupons carefully.

2 thoughts on “How to use Coupons at Babies R Us?

  • For the $5 off $25 (for most of them) and the 15% coupons, there is a statement stated that these cannot be used for diapers and some other stuff. The main one being diapers. But you can use it on wipes.

    So if you were to buy diapers and some other stuff to make a $25 purchase, you total has to be $25 without the diapers. I tried to buy some diapers, wipes, and a clothing item and the total was $26 and handed my $5 off $25 coupon, but they would not accept it b/c my total was not $25 before the diapers.

    • Thanks BeingAGreatMommy! Yes, diapers, formula and a whole list of items are NOT covered by the coupons. I usually buy diapers via CVS, Rite Aid and other places. I will update my post accordingly!

      Great news! The coupon has been updated so it is valid on 8/12/09- 8/19/09!

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